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A Year Older. A Year Wiser?

I did it. I made it to a year without losing motivation, sight of what I wish to achieve or, more importantly, my mind!


So, what have I learnt over the last year? What do I wish I had done differently and what would I completely embrace or avoid in the future?


Well, here are five of my tips for a successful first year;


1)   When it comes to social media, be social.


Introduce your brand and your product, of course. Let people know what you can offer and find others that may be interested in your product but also give a bit of yourself - on social media, go with the human approach rather than just the hard sell. Chances are there are many others out there offering what you do, so show the personality behind your product/service and put yourself just that little bit ahead of the competition.


2)   Be Flexible.


You may only want to specialise in one area or it may be your plan to only supply your product to a certain sector but if an opportunity comes up, look to see if this could be the start of something new. As a PA, I have always specialised in the leisure/hospitality industry. However, with skills that are transferable to all sectors, it would be silly of me to restrict myself to only working within one trade. To date, my clients include Property Agents, Renewable Energy Companies, Lifestyle Coaches, Medical Practitioners and Financial Advisors, as well as my beloved hospitality workers!


3)   But don’t be afraid to say no.


If the contract doesn’t feel right or the potential job threatens to be detrimental to existing or future clients, then don’t be afraid to turn it down. When you are self-employed and business is slow it is tempting to take on everything that comes your way but keep sight of your business plan and what you want your brand to achieve and represent.


4)   Get to know your competition.


We all want to be the number one choice in our field, of course we do, but you have to face the facts - bigger, smaller, fastest, cheaper, there is lots of competition out there. But leave the backstabbing to The Apprentice contestants and get to know your competitors because you never know when you may need their assistance or they might just need to pass some business on elsewhere. Show them what you have to offer and how you differ from them. Until you are number one, be the number one choice for referral from the rest!


5)   If at first you don’t succeed…..


….Well, you know the rest. Sometimes things won’t work out, there will be missed opportunities, customers who pay late, bad marketing decisions, and times when your laptop wants to go on strike. But have faith in yourself and your product, and remember that nobody ever made it big without a stumbling block or two.


And hey, if it is just a case of the workload sometimes being too much, you know where to look for some assistance! ;-)

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