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When it comes to some charity Christmas cards, I have become rather concerned with the tiny percenatage of the sale price that actually goes to the charities involved.


Therefore, this year, rather than sending charity cards, I have decided to make donations to a few good causes.


First on my list is a big food shop for the West Oxfordshire Foodbank , and producing a luxury hamper to donate to Witney Community Primary School's Christmas raffle.


For more details, follow me on Twitter or email me for information.





Have you made New Year resolutions? Are you determined that this year you will manage to get further than a couple of weeks before you cave? Yes, I am just the same!


Like so many, I start the year with great intentions, optimistic that this one will be better than last. And then, rather predictably, by February all promises that I made to myself have pretty much disappeared.


Therefore, this January my resolution is to help other people stick to their resolution.


Whether sending the odd encouraging message to a friend giving up smoking, supporting a family member with their fundraising challenge, or taking the load a little from those that want to address their work life balance - maybe by being a resolution assistant rather than making promises to myself that I will never keep, that this year will be the most successful one yet.

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