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Keeping Assistance Personal

"Who are you working for at the moment?"

"Who is your favourite client?"

"Have you got many customers? Would I have heard of them?"

People ask me questions like this all the time. It is, of course, lovely that people are interested in how business at Assistance by Angela is going or intrigued by who or where I may be working.

However, discretion is key when it comes to providing excellent personal assistance and as a freelancer, this discretion must include not revealing details of which individuals or companies I work with.


The role of personal assistant is a varied one, it is the reason that I love it. One moment you are fielding calls and providing admin support, the next you are ordering those forgotten anniversary gifts or booking a holiday on behalf of your client. You build up a relationship, being party to the highs and lows of someone else's business, and often viewing sensitive documents. It is my hope that my terms of never revealing details of who I work for without their permission helps kick start the trust needed for this relationship and ultimately mean that I am able to provide a broader and more productive service to my clients.


So, to the kind people who show interest in what I am doing, I apologise, but my vague answers are for a good reason. 



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