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Have you been put off of networking events in the past? Yes, so have I, finding many of them cutthroat and rather unproductive. Which is why I was so pleased to discover, having not attended any networking events for a few years, that things have changed. 


More open, sharing, and frankly, worthwhile - networking, whether a breakfast meeting, cocktail reception, or Twitter hour, has changed for the better.


As someone who generally works on my own, having opportunity to bounce ideas off of like minded people, who wish to make good connections and progress their businesses has been incredibly useful.


And the benefits have extended past the job opportunities that have arisen, to my very sanity! Without a doubt, the hardest thing for me about working alone is the lack of colleagues - being able to have a moan during a coffee break, getting some feedback on performance, or just hearing a bit of gossip about current trends are things that we often take for granted in the workplace. It was only when I became a freelancer that I realised how much this meant to me and I honestly believe, without occasional networking events, the change in my working circumstances would have taken far more adjusting to.


So, if like me, you thought your mind was made up on the benefits of networking despite it being a while since you attended a group, maybe it is time to have another go.




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