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It has to be said, I love social media. Whether sharing pictures of my children's latest scribbles or letting the world know about business news and offers, I am a social media regular.


I am especially fond of Twitter networking hours, a useful tool for introducing my business to people and getting those all important enquiries and referrals. WitneyHour and OxHour are particular favourites of mine, with Assistance by Angela becoming quite the regular contributor. However, the possibilities are endless and no matter where in the country you are based and what your business offers, there will be a networking hour that is relevant to you.


Of course, the downside is that they are on a certain day, at a certain time. Brilliant if you are able to schedule them into your working day but not always convenient for busy business owners and managers.


Cue a Virtual Assistant that thrives on social media! 


For hourly rates that all can afford, I can be your presence during networking hours. Unlike scheduling Tweets via HootSuite, I will be online not only to introduce your business or latest offers, but also to answer questions and really sell your service or product.


I will get to know your business and what you want to achieve so that I am able to answer questions and point potential customers in the right direction. In addition, I am also able to draw up a timetable of relevant networking hours, saving you the hassle of hunting out what will best serve your business.


A personal approach goes a long way - giving a piece of yourself and joining in conversations rather than just giving a 140 character advert now and then shows so much more faith in your brand and commitment to your customers. 


Your business is great, so get social and get the word out there! 



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